Rope Illustration of the Timeline of Your Existence

Focus on ETERNITY!         by Francis Chan

As we all know, there is a finite amount of time we will spend here on earth. That time is gaged in years, months, days and hours. For some it is shorter than others, however it always has a beginning with our birth and it will eventually end with our death.

So, what happens next? Christ died for us so that we may live with Him as co-heirs in heaven – eternally!

NKJV: Romans 6:23, gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Eternity is a difficult concept to grasp because of the life cycle we have here on earth as human beings. Francis Chan has a unique way of explaining what our timeline on earth looks like relevant to the timeline of eternity…And what we do in the here and now will have a direct result on where we will spend our eternity!