When Hard Times Come And…
Thing Aren’t Going Our Way

Sometimes Our Pain & Suffering is Self-Inflicted & Sometimes Through Circumstances That Are Beyond Our Control.

We all go through different Seasons in our lives. Right now, you could be experiencing, or you’ve gone through one or more of these emotional traumas that has affected you deeply:

  • Depression
  • Marital Problems
  • Declining Health
  • Financial Issues
  • Loss of Your Job
  • Loss of Family or Friends
  • Physical/Mental Abuse
  • Fear of Helplessness & Loneliness
  • Being Socially Excluded or Judged

Find out how you can thrive as you go through your Seasons of Life.

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Disasters In Our Lives… Is There An Answer?

Discover the spiritual aspect which underlies all of the worldly disasters that affect our lives and how to make sense of in relation to Gods’s plan for us.

Need a starting point? Take our online Spiritual Assessment! It’s contains 26 questions and your answers will give you a starting point, from where you are now, so you can move forward on your Spiritual Journey. Start building a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and fulfilling the wonderful plan He has for you.