Become An Active Learner

One of the 1st things you need to know is where to start your Spiritual Journey. If you haven’t already taken the Spiritual Assessment this would be an excellent place to begin.

Reasons Why
You Should Become An Active Learner

  • Answer Mankind’s Questions
  • Know How To Live
  • Know Who God Is And His Plan
  • Know God’s Will For Your Life
  • Know How To Grow In The Spirit Of Christ


How To Mature in Christ

1st Stage

Lesson 1 includes:

  • How To Read The Bible
  • Your assurance of Salvation
  • Stages of Development
  • Areas of Spiritual Growth
  • 4 commands of Christ
  • How To Pray and Worship

Begin Stage 1 Lesson 1
Learning To Grow In Christ

The Purpose Of The Bible is to…

Reveal God’s plan of redemption and salvation

Note 1: Content for this section is taken from the Book by Dr. Fred Wittman How To Mature in Christ.

It is recommended that you get a copy of the book BABES to get an in-depth explanation of each of the topics covered in this section. Click Here

Note 2: It is suggested you read from the Precise Translation of the Bible for New Testament sections